Saturday, March 22, 2014

Never a dull moment when its sunny in Logan.

What are ya gonna do when spring break ends, class starts up again, and your tan is starting to fade?
let the good times roll, duh!

I saw a couple friends post pics about their spring break but to tell ya the truth pool side in Vegas doesn't compare to the events that occurred this last week. Let me tell ya three things bout my friends,



Go night skiing in the middle of the week dressed like total newbs. 

Take road trips up to Bear Lake just to get throwback mountain dew, play cards and have our friend take a picture with his finger being the main focal point...Thanks Dane!

The cherry on top would be when we took over the quad with our bike mob just to play in our own made up spikeball tournament! 
include hammocks for nap time and slack lining to improve our core and balance... 
I would dare say it can't be beat.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Manic Monday... Technically Tuesday

Did everyone have a fun weekend?!
I feel like looking back over some of my posts you may think all I do is 
have fun and that I'm in love with everything I do. 
Which I do haha but that's NOT all!
So after a long weekend I want to break that stereotype... this is my serious post
I want to talk about 
and the big bad real world! 
You guys are way pumped to keep reading am I right? I promise to keep it interesting.

At Utah State I have found college to be completely different than my small home town high school, but there is one similarity that remains the same...

1. Make a student teacher relationship. Personally get to know who instructs you day in and day out. Realize they are people too who want to be asked how their day is, or thank them for their time and preparation they have put into making the class semi interesting. In turn, professors will be understanding when you are late to class, miss an answer on an assignment, or even sleep and missed a test. (No mom I did not actually sleep in! It is just an example!!) This will lead you to feel comfortable asking for help when you don't understand a concept or need a good recommendation letter. 

2. Take advantage of the campus job board and career services. When speaking with my brothers about their amenities at the different university they attended they knew nothing about job postings pertaining to their major. At USU I have the career services office email me weekly about new jobs that are applicable to me. They vary from a summer internship, to a permanent career once I complete school. It is an awesome help to know of the possible career paths out there. You can't get a job if you don't know about it. Once you know about this perfect summer internship you need a quality resume. This can be achieved by setting up an appointment with the career service professionals on campus and have them edit and critique possible cover letters. 

3. Take everything you gain from college into the REAL WORLD. This may come off as a no-brainer but I want emphasize it. You know the $$$ dollar signs that go into buying all those books for a class... one day those books will make up your library in the big boss office! It was published for a reason right? Use that knowledge as a tool that doesn't end once you pass the class and step out of the door. If you total all the hours of note taking and then end the semester by trashing that notebook what was the reason? I advise you to find one way to organize all of your note taking and hold onto all of them in a uniform way. This can lead you to becoming a Teaching Assistant (great for your resume) for a class and having easy access to the notes you have already taken. Another use for these notes can include different ways you can look back and remember a theory or equation and then be able to teach an employee of your own. With this outlook you might have more motivation to take note worthy notes!

It really is the small habits that make up your character. Hopefully these habits will in turn make you obtain a successful future.

I hope my 'serious' post wasn't to daunting and inspired some of you to start off on the right foot when you step on campus. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

L- is for LOGAN O- is for the only one for me V- is for that very very extraordinary...

Its that thing called LOVE. February is a month full of gushy emotions that any girl can appreciate but I want to break down the 

14 Things that I LOVE about UTAH STATE.

I have been at USU for three years now and with every week that passes I just think how lucky I was to choose a University that has fit me so perfectly. Hopefully by highlighting some of the moments I have loved the most at Utah State you might reminisce on your most loved memories at USU or have a burning desire to get up to campus in the fall and start to make your own list!

1. Lets start from the beginning. My first week on campus, not knowing a soul, and attending the Week of Welcome events (a.k.a. WOW WEEK) I met life long friends that week and danced on stage with Imagine Dragons!

2. Now how do I top that? My major (a.k.a. my future) is Landscape Architecture. The ability I have to receive an education in a profession I love is pretty incredible if you ask me. I love this saying,
"Find what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life."

3. You may have guessed I am a lover of sports. I don't think I had a choice considering I was born with the name Nike but I am a die hard fan of every athletic event at Utah State. 
The HURD is an unreal experience that always has me get a little to into the game than might be socially acceptable. Yet every student can relate that it is not just a game! My passion for cheering got a little out of hand when I lost my voice for three whole days after the home basketball game against SDSU but I have no shame in saying, It was TOTALLY worth it!

4. Cheering isn't the only contribution you can bring to sports at USU. Whether it be an intramural playoff game or my favorite, POWDER PUFF Championship during homecoming it is thee best. I just wonder how many other schools let the girls play in their stadium?!  

5. The students. That is pretty broad but I love the friendly campus. It means the world to me that being so far away from my home, family, and high school friends that I can walk into the library and befriend a total stranger just because.

6. I love breakfast foods. Therefore, I love HERMS. Its kind of a funny name but this diner hot spot never has an empty seat on a Saturday morning and there is a reason why! F.Y.I. My roommates make it a tradition to always have breakfast birthdays there because you get FREE crepes! Who would pass that up?!

7. The small town feel, it really is unbeatable when you go grocery shopping and the cashier notices my student i.d. and mentions she is a freshmen and asks if i'm going to the game tonight. Yes it really is the small things that make you realize this entire town is making your college experience that memorable.

8. I love the outdoors. Whether it be biking, skiing, climbing, or SPIKE BALL... you can round up a great group of friends and hit up any parks or trails that there is to explore the GREAT OUTDOORS of Cache Valley!

 <HALF WAY there guys> I'll keep it short:

9. I LOVE AGGIE ICE CREAM... a little too much considering one time I took the all you can eat policy at the Marketplace a little to literal and finished off a tub of the birthday cake flavor. I have now learned LOVE doesn't mean you can't share your ice cream with friends (that way you can avoid the stomach ache after haha.)

10. I am a visual person and therefore I love the way campus looks! Its fall leaves that cover the quad, the fresh snow that covers the mountains, or the sunsets that always make the walk home from class a scene straight out of a movie. (Cliche but soooo true!)

11.  THAT RATIO DOE. It had to be said that Utah State has a pretty great dating scene. No need for TINDER or HOT OR NOT when you have amazing events put on by USU-SA to attend that will fill the need for beautiful looking people in your life. Whether you are looking for that good time or real deal relationship it is out there!

12. The FARMERS MARKET gets a special spot on this list. I love food and I love shopping this is the most glorified of the two! All I have to say is make sure to grab a fresh lemonade! Their flavor of the week will rock your world!

13. I LOVE the fact that the A was lit blue when Seattle won the super bowl. Even though I wasn't rooting for them, keeping in mind I am from Colorado, I was so amazed by the love and support shown by the Aggie community to be so proud of two Utah State Alum.

14. I love that I meet new Aggies every single day that share their same love for UTAH STATE! 


Comment below to let me know things you LOVE about UTAH STATE!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In Logan and the livin' is easy!


Its been a good while since I have caught you up on my crazy aggie life! I hope you all had an awesome break full of mischief, adventure, and of course good food
(Those are three things that clearly rank high in my book.)
Here are some pics from my winter break back home to show you a little insight of my life back in cold Craig, Colorado!

This is my vacation back home in a nut shell... snow and lots of snow! If anyone knows me Trigger (the dog in the left picture) and I don't get along to great but I was so happy to be home for awhile we all went snow shoeing and had a little bonding time... our relationship is still on the rocks though. Haha. The stud in the background is my little brother, Taft. He just received his acceptance letter to UTAH STATE!!!! Now I wait anxiously while he decides where he will go to school!? (fingers crossed) The picture on the bottom right is too good not to be mentioned. This is my mother when we went cross country skiing for the first time ever. Pretty good form right?? haha It was by far the funniest thing I have ever done and have now found a new hobby I can continue at Utah State.

Coming back to school came at the perfect time! I was so excited to see my roommates, friends, and even Big Blue our school mascot! Ridiculous right? It was nice to figure out my schedule the first week and then immediately get a long weekend to have some fun with my friends up at school. 

Often people head right back home to go visit family but in my case I stayed because of the distance. This can be lonely if you are left all alone, luckily I have plenty of friends that love Logan just as much as I do and made some memories with all this free time on Martin Luther King Day. 

It may be winter outside but that doesn't mean the fun has to be had inside:  
There is an outdoor ice rink that has a view of the Logan Temple that has the ability to turn any skeptic into a sap.

If your skating skills aren't up to par just yet head up the canyon and light lanterns that will float over Cache Valley. Its a site to see that's for sure.

Hopefully these things will keep ya busy till the weekend then the real adventures begin! Beaver Mountain is literally 30 minutes from campus and such a great way to practice up for those Olympics that are coming up ;) Here is a lil teaser of Chelsea J.G. and I up at Beaver for 
Martin Luther King Day!

I will be sure to post a video of our day on the slopes soon so keep a lookout!

Let me know if your long weekend topped mine, ok?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

TIS THE SEASON... to have a really really really good time!

Its officially November but who am I kidding I didn't need to remind anyone that. Who isn't drooling already for that one day of the year where it is acceptable to not be ashamed of getting a fourth helping of mashed potatoes and stuffing. I believe the thought of Thanksgiving will put anyone in a charitable mood and when I say anyone that includes all of the AGGIES up at Utah State

The idea that poor college kids can make someones holiday is pretty inspiring so for today I wanted to point out some awesome events taking place in Logan that give back to people in need but as well give any Aggie a great time to make some memories!
don't quote me but I think we gave
Madonna a run for her money!

This week I went to 
80's skate night! This is a good time anyways but when you know half of the proceeds go to a campaign called BEARDS FOR BONNIE that raises money for Bonnie Telford, who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, to help pay her medical bills it makes it that much better! So in the spirit of donating to a good cause and reveling in the fact that I look great in 80's clothes my roommate and I went all out.


The turn out was unreal. 
After a few hard spills to the ground I got the hang of things and could skate with the best of them!

The next day I had a few bruises here and there to remind me what a good time I had and how awesome it was to make a difference! I know the weather may be cooling down but the events happening are just heating up. Here is an agenda for some events that bring in the holiday spirit that I will definitely not miss out on!

NOV 16

    • We all love to dance right? Thats one of the benefits we have here in Logan unfortunately there are those people who have been affected greatly bu the Typhoon. Come help us while doing what we do best! 2$ at 1451 N Maint St . Logan, UT

NOV 25

  • BEARDS for Bonnie
    • Grab some food at Chick Fil A and mention Beards for Bonnie to donate  some of your bill to the awesome cause
    • Now that you are stuffed hit up the food drive event starting at 7 in the stadium parking lot! The largest can food drive in Cache Valley gives you an opportunity to fill an entire bus with donations! Running around with a bunch of your friends and a map sounds more like a scavenger hunt right?


    • The main event for Beards for Bonnie. The harriest of harry students gather together and are judged on multiple categories. It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen and cannot wait for this years entrees!
I hope to run into everyone at these events before we all 24 scatter for the holidays!
CHEERS to service with a smile!

*Comment below if anyone knows of other activities that I may have left out! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Its fall y'all!

October is always packed with fun activities or events to go to whether it be on campus or all over Cache Valley. Just in one week I feel like I have gotten my fix on all things Halloween and the spooky holiday hasn't even come yet. The mass amount of opportunities have made me come down with a bad case of F.O.M.O. This isn't your normal fall flu. F.O.M.O. is the 
I am never one to miss making a memory as an Aggie so the month of October is where my school and social life are top priorities and sleep takes a back seat!
I want to help you guys know when you get up to campus which things are my favorite so you make sure not to MISS OUT on my 
Top 5 places at USU in October!
1. The Canyon 

ATV rides, bonfires, a morning hike OH MY!
Anyway you enjoy it its the best way to take advantage of the unreal fall colors that surround Utah State!

2. Themed Halloween Party
Whether it be at your friends house or part of an 
organization on campus celebrating is great to meet new people.

3. Date Night!
October was made for "fall"ing in LOVE! haha I mean the date ideas are practically thrown at you so ask one of your crushes and hit up a haunted house or spooky putt putt golf course!
4. Corn Maze
Where I come from we are farmers and ranchers but I have never heard of a corn maze. It may get a little muddy but well worth getting lost with a couple of your friends!

Yes it may be the most hyped up event that takes place on campus but there is a reason for that! Who can deny a dance party that fills the entire field house with DJ Marcus Wing and a headliner like Shiny Toy Guns?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Making my family AGGIES!

To start off today's post I want you all to get familiarized a little more about me and my predicament!

  • I am from the great state of Colorado.
  • While being at USU I am currently 373 miles away from home.
  • This weekend held one of the most anticipated games of Utah State's football season...playing BYU at USU!
  • Both of my loving parents are BYU alumni.
  • The events that were occuring had conviced my BYU family to drive all of those 373 miles to come experience the weekend as an Aggie with me!!

Now that you know the background...
 I had one goal for this weekend... to make my family fall in love with Utah State as much as I have! 
After they drove threw a blizzard and countless accidents on I-80 they had arrived! Luckfully my prayers had been answered when game time finally rolled around it was perfect fall weather! 

My brother who is a senior in high school who has been trying to figure out what University to commit to stood with me in the student section. Lets just say even as stubborn as he is you can't help but join in the Scottsman or resist the aggie spirit while being among the loudest and proudest student section in the West!

My little cousin who just turned 8 loved every time the Aggies got a first down and would throw his arms up in the air as the announcer conducted. 

This weekend my family became AGGIES!